Weight loss treatment and bariatric surgery in Cuba. Spas and resorts

Following multiple requests by US dwellers we have pleasure to inform that bariatric surgeon Doctor Antonio Portilles Felix with his team in 2017 will attend at Yanga hospital in Cordoba, Mexico. Waiting list doesn't exceed a couple of months.

All medical treatments are strictly individual. Cost of treatment programme to be determined case by case. weight loss programmes are of strong demand foreignersFor correct weight loss programming previous medical history assessment taken by a professional physician is necessary.

Program of Exogenous Obesity (Evaluation and Treatment)

Obesity is the excessive increase of weight at the expense of fats and its constituents and it is the most important factor of risk for many illnesses that can limit your quality of life and put it in danger.

The aesthetics of the human being rest fundamentally in the biotype and it is obesity what in a higher degree attemps against a suitable physical appearance.

PRICE: $2700.00 CUC.

It is recommended to continue an additional cycle of 28 nights of Accommodation, 4 consultations of each of the following specialities: Nutrition, Psychology and Physiatrics and 44 additional sessions of therapeutic applied gymnastics and dietotherapy.

PRICE: $2000.00 CUC

individual weight losing action

Medical treatment procedures costs

CUC prices

1- Hydrotherapy/Hidroterapia/

Price, CUC

Medicinal mineral bath in collective pool and exercises /Baño con agua minero medicinal en piscina colectiva con ejercicios dirigido


Nebulizer (spray)/Nebulizador (aereosol)


Hidropinia (orally, 250 ml glass)/ Hidropinia (Oral, vaso de 250 ml)


2- Mud/ Fangoterapia

Total bath tub / Baño total en bañera


Regional Implementation /Aplicación Regional


Aplicación Método egipcio


3- Treatments at the gym that includes the following options / Tratamientos en el gimnasio que incluye las opciones siguientes


  • Exercise mat/ Ejercicios en colchoneta

  • Exercises with medicine balls and weights / Ejercicios con pelotas medicinales y pesas

  • Wheel or shoulder exercises /Ejercicios con rueda de hombro

  • Bicycle ergometer Exercises / Ejercicios con bicicleta ergometrica

  • Rowing exercises / Ejercicios con remos

  • Exercise treadmill / Ejercicios con estera rodante

5- Massage Therapy / Masoterapia

Body massage with manual and equipment (General)
Masaje corporal manual y con equipo (General)


Partial manual massage equipment (Local)/ Masaje parcial manual con equipo (Local)


6- Kinesiology / Kinesioterapia

Active upper limb exercises / Ejercicios activos de miembros superiores


Active exercises of lower limbs / Ejercicios activos de miembros inferiores


Physical exercises / Ejercicios corporales


Aerobic exercises / Ejercicios aerobios


Motion exercises / Ejercicios de marcha


Therapeutic Sports / Deportes terapeuticos


7- Traditional Medicine / Medicina tradicional

Acupuncture / Acupuntura


Muxibustion / Muxibustion


8- Other services/ Otros servicios

Individual Sauna / Sauna individual


Collective Sauna / Sauna colectiva


Free facial mask Treatment / Tratamiento facial sin mascarilla


Facial mask Treatment / Tratamiento facial con mascarilla


Podiatry Treatment / Tratamiento de podología


9- Medical Exam Free / Consultas Incluidas en el tratamiento

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